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May 2015

Opening To Awareness

By David Miller -- Conscious World Journal Staff Writer
Dave and Gail Miller

Gail and I welcome you to the May 2015 issue of Conscious World Journal. 

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This month our roundup of features from our regular contributors include: Neuroscientist Reports on Benefits of Access Bars Energy Work by Gail Miller (Awareness), Awake and Empowered Expo by Gail Miller (Community News ***), Free Online Event by Gail Miller (Essential Oils), Making Drinking Water in a Crisis by Gail Miller (Global News), How To Get Your Life Back Through Detoxing by Barbara Frank (Health Profile of the Month), Licorice Root Benefits by Gail Miller (Holistic Health), 3 Tips for Climbing out of Your Rut by Kirk Laman, D.O. (Inspiration), Karmic Attractions by Eve Wilson (Reality) and Greater Possibilities for Business by Gail Miller (Video of the Month).

Other stories include: and A New Alignment by Lena Stevens (Forecast).

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Wishing you Love, Light and Prosperity,
Dave and Gail Miller

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More Stories
Awake and Empowered Expo
Just last weekend, we were exhibitors at this Excellent Expo. Organized by the Flower of Life Group, headed up by Ethann Fox.

Neuroscientist Reports on Benefits of Access Bars Energy Work
Do you want change in your life but dont know how to do it?

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